How to Take L-carnitine More Effectively – Best Way to Lose Weight


L-carnitine is a nutrient element that can promote the transformation of fat into energy. Red meat is the main source of L-carnitine. A balanced daily diets already contain 5-100mg of L-carnitine, but in average person can only take 50 mg of L-carnitine from dietary per day, and even less for vegetarians.


Except for well-known benefit – Lose Weight, there are more benefirts from this material. L-carnitine has a secondary function of helping remove some junk substances from the cells to prevent them from accumulating and causing diseases.


Sports and Health

L-carnitine may help with some indexs of heart health, although the research is still ongoing. Take L-carnitine supplement does a positive effect on improving L-carnitine levels in a failing heart, which could recover heart health condition in a short period after suffering from a heart stroke. Supplementation may also help with symptoms of heart failure, such as chest pain and arrhythmia. Kangbote brand L-carnitine Tablets supply necessary nutrilite for a healthy weight loss dietary.


At times, cancer treatments, such as chemotherapy may cause a person to become deficient in L-carnitine. In these cases, L-carnitine supplements may help reduce symptoms such as fatigue and weakness.


Researchers are currently studying the compound as a possible way to prevent tissue damage due to chemotherapy, but this research is in the early stages.


As the kidneys and liver help create and use L-carnitine, disease in these organs or organ failure may lead to L-carnitine deficiency. Doctors may recommend L-carnitine supplementation in these cases to support the function of the kidneys and liver and prevent deficiency.


L-carnitine Lose Weight Dietary

Possible Side Effect

1. stomach cramps

2. nausea

3. vomiting

4. diarrhea

Due to the difference of individual constitution, L-carnitine is not suitable for all people. When aforementioned side effects occur, stop taking L-carnitine based slimming products or medications immediately and seek medical advice.



Although we can eat lunch normally during the weight loss period, we still can't eat too much. We can try to eat half full lunch during the weight loss period. And during the weight loss period, breakfast must be normal as usual, because breakfast is very important for the human body, as long as it is not overeating, do not eat high fat or high-fat foods are OK. It's best to have 8 points full for each meal. You can drink more water or yogurt, eat more fruits and other coarse fiber food, and selectively eat more chili. You can't eat before going to bed. You should keep exercising every day.

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